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"Harnessing the Science of Fisheries for Food, Nutrition and Livelihood"

Dr. B. Chrisolite



Assistant Professor

Field of Specialization


Fish Processing Technology



Department of Basic Sciences, Fisheries College and Research Institute , Thoothukudi
Tamilnadu - 628008





+91 0461 - 2340554




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Current Projects

Title of the project


PI and Co-PI of the Project


Funding Agency

Seasonal variation in the lipid and fatty acid profile of sardine (Sardinella gibbosa) and emperor fish (Lethrinus lentjan) from Thoothukudi coast

Two years




National Surveillance Programme for Aquatic Animal Disease

Five years

Co - PI

80.43 lakhs


Completed Projects

Title of the project


PI and Co-PI of the Project

Funds (Rs)

Funding Agency

Establishment of seafood knowledge highway to improve health, combat malnutrition and enhance income of fishers


Co – PI

199.57 lakhs


Molecular characterization of pathogens associated with fish disease in Assam

One year

Co – PI

8.73 lakhs


Publications International : 2 Nos

  • Thiyagarajan, S., Chrisolite, B., Alavandi, S. V., Kalaimani, N., Poornima, M., Santiago, T. C. 2011. Characterization of four lytic transducing bacteriophages of luminescent Vibrio harveyi isolated from Penaeus monodon hatcheries. FEMS Microbiology letters. 325, 85-91.
  • Chrisolite, B., Thiyagarajan.S., Alavandi, S.V. Abhilash, E.C., Kalaimani, N., Vijayan, K.K. and Santiago, T.C. 2008. Distribution of luminescent Vibrio harveyi and their bacteriophages in a commercial shrimp hatchery in South India. Aquaculture  275, 13-19.

National : 4 Nos

  • Sugumar, G., Chrisolite, B., Velayutham, P., Selvan, A. and Ramesh., U, 2008. Occurrence and seasonal variation of bacterial indicators of faecal pollution along Thoothukudi coast, Tamil Nadu. Journal of Environmental Biology.
  • Chrisolite, B. and Sugumar, G.  2006. Antibiotic resistance patterns of Escherichia coli and Salmonella from Environmental samples of Thoothukudi coast. Fishery Technology. 43 (1), 93 – 98.
  • Chrisolite, B., Sugumar, G. and Velayutham, P. 2006. Microbilogical quality of fishes landed along Thoothukudi coast. J. Food Sci. Technol. 43(1): 96-100.
  • Chrisolite. B., Sugumar, G., Velayutham, P., and Felix, N. 2005. Bacterial incidence in water and sand at fish landing sites along the Thoothukudi coast, Tamilnadu. Indian J. Microbiol. 45 (2): 155-159.