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"Harnessing the Science of Fisheries for Food, Nutrition and Livelihood"

Farmer Innovation

Fishing Aids from waste and low cost materials  - by Mr. Johnson and P.Vasantha Ramakrishnan.

Homemade sinkers By Mr. A. Nazir Hussain of Car Nicobar Islands

farmer innovation bio flacBio Floc Technology is  new way to farm shrimp has evolved that protects shrimp from disease; almost zero impact on environment  and creating the possibility that shrimp farming could become the cleanest agriculture industry in the world!


  • Utilizing the tidal flow for aquaculture purpose
  • Expanding mangrove through aqua culture practice
  • Culturing of shrimps, milkfish, sea bass, mullets and mudcrab either in mono-culture systems or in polyculture .