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Report On International Workshop On Tilapia: The Future Fish

Tamil Nadu Fisheries University proudly conducts the International Workshop on Tilapia: The Future Fish

Tamil Nadu Fisheries University proudly conducts the International Workshop onTilapia: The Future Fish to foster the Tilapia aquaculture in India. Nearly 160 participants attended the workshop at Seminar Hall, Institute of Postgraduate Studies at TNFU –OMR campus. Honourable Fisheries Minister Thiru. D. Jayakumar, B.Sc., B.Lgraced the occasion and Prof.S.Felix,Patron and Vice Chancellor of Tamil Nadu Fisheries University inaugurated the “Tilapia Aquaculture Association of India”(TAAI) for the national representation of Tilapia farmers and entrepreneurs to exchange the technical knowledge and know-how  on farming and processing aspects. MoU agreement was signed between Tamil Nadu Fisheries University and the University of Arizona,Tucson for faculty and student exchange programmes. Technical session began with the presentation on “Critical Success Factors of Tilapia Farming in India” by Dr. S. Felix, Vice Chancellor. He instigated the possible and feasible solutions for improving the tilapia fish production in comparison with broiler industry.Dr.Kevin Fitzsimmons deliberated on “Status and Scope of Tilapia Industry in Globe” by emphasizing the importance of tilapia aquaculture in various South East Asian countries. He also gave a detailedpresentation on “Strategies to lift the Tilapia Industry in India” in the supply and value chain of Tilapia.Besides these,Mr.MohanaSundaram,Joint Director from state fisheries department presented on the ongoing initiatives of the state fisheries department to promote the Tilapia fish farming in Tamil Nadu as well as he outlined the“Present Status of Tilapia Aquaculture in India and Potential for Farming in India”.Dr.S.K.Otta,Principal Scientist from CIBA,Chennai presented on “Biosecurity protocols:Essential measures of your farm” to eradicate the unwanted culture practices in Tilapia farming.Dr.N.Felix, Director of Fisheries Technology, Training and Incubation Centre –AquaDirectorate presented on the “Tilapia key research programmes in Tamil NaduFisheries University”.Dr. T. Raja Swaminathan,ICAR-National Fellow from NBFGR explained the “Mitigative measures of Tilapia Lake Virus in India” through the experiments conducted in Kochi centre of NBFGR. All the speakers were felicitated by mementoes by the Vice Chancellor for acknowledging their talk in the International conference. Dr. S. Balasundari, convener of the workshop proposed vote of thanks to the speakers and participants for making the workshop a grand success. The Technical team conducted the event includes Dr. G. Sugmar, Dr.Karlmarx, Dr. Stephen Sampathkumar, Dr.Gopalakanan and Ms.Menaga. ‘National Association for Tilapia Aquaculture’ was also formed and 100 participants became members on the occasion.  Furthermore, we developed recommendation for the ways to promote and sustain the GIFT Tilapia culture in India as a boon for its intensive adoption in an ecofriendly way.