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Shrimp research programme set on rolling in DCeSA

With the advice and active guidance of our respected Vice Chancellor, TNFU, a research programme on Peaneus spp (shrimps) for various aspects was set on rolling in Kanyakumari Ganapathipuram Centre for Sustainable Aquaculture (KK-GCeSA) last month. This was commissioned as 26th Oct 2017, coinciding with the visit of visit of renowned aquaculture scientist, Dr. Shaun P. Moss, Executive Director of Oceanic Institute, Hawaii Pacific University, Hawaii. He has been invited for the specific visit to this facility to further develop collaboration in this line with Oceanic Institute and participating in the International Workshop on Marine Biotechnology and Shrimp Genetics Research (IWMS’ 2017) conducted at Nagercoil on 27th Oct. 2017.

Dr. Shaun P Moss, led by Prof. S. Felix, Vice Chancellor, TNFU visited KK-GCeSA on 26th Oct. 2017 and marked the commencement of research on shrimp with the stocking of Penaeus semisulcatus adults in the conditioning tanks placed at the Pre-Primary quarantine facility. P. semisulcatus adults procured from the wild have been the research target set currently while other species of Penaeus are kept in the line for future works in various productions based research works. Keeping in view of the industry’s expectation, it has been planned to keep the target species and work in this Centre. Dr. C. Judith Betsy, Assistant Professor KK-GCeSA will be in-charge of the further progress of work in the centre including production, dissemination of technology and bringing in the fund for future research programmes

The benefits that are anticipated from this research include the development of genetically improved stock of indigenous shrimp and support to the shrimp hatcheries in India with brood stock of Penaeus spp. While long term goal of SPF brood stock is fixed for indigenous shrimps, presently with available facilities and manpower, basic foundation research has been initiated and taken forward for keeping the name of TNFU in the Indian shrimp industry as a dependable service provider for the development of the entrepreneurs and the country’s shrimp production.