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Student of Fisheries College and Research Institute, Thoothukudi won“Miss RYLA 2017”

The Rotary Club of Thoothukudi conducted their annual programme on “Rotary Youth leadership Awards 2017 (RYLA 2017)” on 16 – 17 September 2017. Forty one students from 8 colleges participated in RYLA 2017 which had the theme, “Towards Achievements”. Several skill development training sessions were imparted to the participants from various colleges. Competitions were held among the participants testing the cultural and intellectual prowess of the students. Five students from Fisheries College and Research Institute, Thoothukudi participated in RYLA 2017 and won several prizes in the competitions. Ms.K.Selvapooja Devi has won the “Miss RYLA 2017”title bringing laurels to the Institute.  The performance of all participants from Fisheries College and Research Institute and especially that of Ms.K.Selvapooja Devi, was appreciated by the Dean, Dr.G.Sugumar and Vice-President of Student’s Association Dr.S.Athithan.