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Training on Ornamental Fish Farming Technology at PKKCeSA

ParakkaiKK Centre for Sustainable Aquaculture has conducted a training programme on Ornamental fish farming technologyfrom 12.09.2017 to 13.09.2017.  Eighteen participants, including 17 male and 1 female, from Kanyakumari district attended the training programme.  Topics likefabrication of glass tanks, aquarium tank maintenance, water quality management, feed and disease management, breeding of live bearers and egg layers, food and feeding and transportation of fishes were explained to them.  Apart from this,the trainees were taken to our ornamental fish unit for hands on training on the fabrication of glass tanks, breeding of ornamental fishes, preparation of feed were also demonstrated to the trainees.  Dr.LamekJayakumar, Deputy Director of Fisheries delivered the valedictory address and encouraged the participants to start their own self-employment venture in ornamental fish farming. He also stressed that the services of Tamil Nadu Fisheries University and Fisheries Department may be utilized for starting such practices. A training manual on Ornamental fish farming technology was released on this occasion and certificates were also distributed to the participants.