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"Harnessing the Science of Fisheries for Food, Nutrition and Livelihood"

Vice Chancellor

Dr. S. Felix, Ph.D.,

Vice - Chancellor
Tamil Nadu Fisheries University


Globally hundreds of millions of people rely on fisheries and aquaculture for proteinaceous diet and livelihoods, in that case our country too is not an exception. However, it is not that pleasing to learn that despite vast resources, our country’s in specific Tamil Nadu’s per capita fish consumption is merely half of the world per capita fish consumption. Boasting its legacy of 40 years in fisheries research and development in the State, fisheries fraternity of TNFU has very well realized its responsibility in filling the aforesaid consumption gap by maintaining world class standards in its mandate of teaching, research and extension. As a result of embracing this responsibility on a serious note with passion, within a very short period of its establishment, TNFU has already been acknowledged by Indian Council of Agriculture Research as the number one Fisheries University of the country. At present, the University with its 36 constituent units and facilities spread across the State is striving really hard in achieving global competency in innovative fisheries research, human resource development, technology generation and dissemination through its Vision 2020 laid out by ‘Blue print of Strategic plans’ focusing overall sustainable fisheries development of not only the State but also for the entire country. Keeping in mind the University’s robust ecosystem and dedicated team, I am confident that TNFU will make rapid progress towards achieving its vision. 

Let us bring “NeelaPuratchi” in the Country together!!

Prof. S.Felix
Vice Chancellor