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"Harnessing the Science of Fisheries for Food, Nutrition and Livelihood"

World Fisheries Day Celebrated by the Directorate of Extension Education, TNFU, Nagapattinam.

World Fisheries Day was celebrated by the Directorate of Extension Education, TNFU, Nagapattinam on 21.11.2017 at Meenatchi Fish Farm, Kottur, Thiruvarur Dist. Dr. M. NagoorMeeran, Director of Extension Education gave an introduction about TNFU Profile,growth of fish culture in the delta districts, farm management practices to be adopted during the ensuing winter and summer seasons and alternative species available for aquaculture in the inland regions. Th. Muthukumaraswamy, a progressive aqua farmer, shared his experience ofthe culture of Vannamei in low saline waters and precautionary measures the farmers should take while going for Vannamei culture in the inland region. Th. Pugazhenthi, another innovative aqua farmer, shared his experience of successful culture of loaches along with carps and other minor carps in his farm. A pledge to improve fisheries management and protect the fishery resources was also administered in the meeting. About 20 fish farmers attended this programme.

On 22.11.2017, as a part of the celebrations, a visit was made to the adopted village MelaPerugadambanur, where a group of rural women will take up fish culture in a small rain-fed pond with the advisory services of the Directorate.  Technical advisory services weregiven on pond preparation aspects, species composition and stocking density pertaining to that pond during the visit. The village adoption project is implemented in collaboration with an NGO, SoS, Nagapattinam.